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Be the Change

Share love 365 days a year!

What could you change with your spare change?

This is the third year of running this campaign, and I could not be more thrilled to be partnering up with 12  charities whom I hope will inspire you to share a little of your love from Valentine's Day 2019 until Valentine's Day 2020, when we start all over again with another 12 worthy causes.. 

Last year, I raised hundreds of pounds for the charities involved, this year, I would love to raise thousands for the deserving causes I am featuring. Please help spread the news to friends and family so that we can improve the lives of people in their time of need. The campaign was a great success with the charities benefiting from so many kind donations, and you can still contribute if you missed out on the day of love!

Thank you for reading and supporting; on behalf of all of the charities!

All rights reserved - © 2019 by Kim Lewis.

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the inspiration


The concept of the campaign was born out of my frustration that so much can be spent on meaningless, material items while animals, people and our planet are in need of help.


Social media is bombarded with elaborate bouquets, designer handbags, shoes and even cars amongst others on Valentine's Day.


While there is nothing wrong with buying gifts to show your love for someone, surely a little of that love, or money could be put to use in helping someone who, for them, it could be a life line.

The Charities

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The Glacier Trust

The Glacier Trust enables climate change adaptation in the remote mountain villages of Nepal. Projects are community led and focused on education, agro-forestry and water management.


Animal Free Research

Animal Free Research UK is the UK’s leading medical research charity that funds and promotes research to replace the use of animals.


Our aim is to save animals from experiments and also to advance more human-relevant science.

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Pelican Parcels

We support children and parents experiencing hardship by working in partnership with local council services such as health visitors, social workers, women’s shelters and other charities and agencies.

We take pre-loved and new item donations for babies and children up to age 10, and redistribute them to families facing financial hardship via various existing family services in Brighton & Hove.

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Cda pet food bank helps families struggling financially to feed their pets with food donations and keep them in the family home and out of rescue centre.


People should not have to give up loving pets due to a temporary situation. Please help us to help them .



SEEd supports and enables educators and young people to place sustainability at the heart of their work and learning through empowering; facilitating; and catalysing to promote the new learning required by all of us to live sustainably.


 We work with school's across the UK on embedding sustainability through a Whole School Approach, working with young people and teachers


My Discombobulated Brain

My Discombobulated Brain aims to tackle the stigma associated with mental health head-on while offering a source of support and education to those who are affected by these issues.


The charity came from the experience of what it was like to watch someone you love, and personally, go through mental health issues including the stigma that goes alongside it.


FARS Warwickshire

It was in 1988 when the first seedlings of Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary were sown. Since this time Carole Webb, a former veterinary nurse, has cared for hundreds of farm animals.


Celebrating its thirty years in 2018, the sanctuary based in Warwickshire is a haven for a variety of rescued and unwanted animals, including pigs, goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, pigeons, cats and many sheep.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 16.13.15.png

My Bright Kite

My Bright Kite CIC was founded to improve the lives of young refugees. We support and empower young refugees through our direct youth work programmes, delivered in the UK.


We create systemic change through our education, training and consultancy services and use the stories and experiences of young refugees to spark human connection, sow seeds of compassion and inspire our audiences to work together in supporting the inclusion and well-being of young refugees.  


Sterling Dental Foundation

This charity also aims to create awareness of Dental Health and provide dental treatment to citizens of the UK as well as third world countries and raising money for UK based charities


The fundamental objective of Sterling Dental Foundation Limited is to provide dental education and training to young graduates who are otherwise unable to receive it

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 09.57.01.png

Food for Thought

Food For Thought Darlington aims to intercept surplus food, clothing and essentials and re-distribute them throughout Darlington.


At the same time we also try to raise awareness about food waste and inequality. We hold regular pop up events, where everyone is welcome.

At those events we serve and distribute the intercepted items, as well as cooking up delicious food

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 13.50.40.png


VegFund empowers vegan activists worldwide by funding outreach activities that inspire people to choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle. 


We provide grants for film screenings and video outreach, vegfests and fairs, food sampling, conferences/educational events, research, vegan challenges, online veg pledges, and more.

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New Hope Animal Rescue

New Hope is dedicated to helping animals on death row & animals with medical needs. 


We aim to help as many animals as we can, given their circumstances and in particular, animals that have been turned away elsewhere. 


We care for animals in our own homes, foster homes or private boarding kennels.

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