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The Marks & Spencer Plant Kitchen Launch

I was one of the lucky girls and boys who were invited to the launch of the mammoth new vegan product lines that have landed M&S with an award so soon in 2019. So, what did I love? What did I not love? Now that I have finally recovered from the food coma, allow me to share all of the top recommendations from this extensive offering. Prepare those stretchy pants, because 2019 is going to be the year of the vegan food baby! The Food BBQFood You couldn't miss this stand as the cheerful chefs were cooking up a storm and the smell was unbelievable. There were a 3 options to choose from, 2 burgers: The 'No Beef Burger' & the 'Sweet Corn & Chickpea Burger' (both £3) and a hot dog/sausage; No Pork S

The Pizza Hut Veganuary Launch

I must admit, it's been around 15 years or so since my last visit to Pizza Hut. I spent many a happy time there during my University days. If anything could have pulled me back in it would be the launch of a new pizza...get your coat love, you've pulled...jackfruit...on pizza Right. Stepping back through the doors of Pizza Hut was sentimental. Since being a graduate I had forgotten all about those endless afternoons over doughy pizza, and since there have been little on offer for vegans, I thought these days would be a thing of the past. I heard the news that they're launching, not one, but THREE vegan pizzas to celebrate Veganuary. Aaaand, I'm back. The first sight I saw walking into the r

10 Annoying Things People Say to Vegans

We are now in week one of Veganuary. So far, Greggs are taking over the internet with their epic comebacks to the like of Piers Morgan and his snowflake antics, and a barrage of other anti-vegan rants from otherwise happy-to-eat-processed-sausage-roll-Tweeters. He recently sent out a load of childish tweets about the sausage roll, which ended up in wide-spread frenzy as people went out and cleared the shelves. Nice one Piers! In the midst of the excitement, I found myself in an internet battle all of my own, (albeit a speck on the back of Gregg's), about the launch of the sausage roll, suddenly answering questions about why us vegans are forcing our lifestyle on people. 'Dude, it's a sausage

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