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The Pizza Hut Veganuary Launch

I must admit, it's been around 15 years or so since my last visit to Pizza Hut. I spent many a happy time there during my University days.

If anything could have pulled me back in it would be the launch of a new pizza...get your coat love, you've pulled...jackfruit...on pizza


Stepping back through the doors of Pizza Hut was sentimental.

Since being a graduate I had forgotten all about those endless afternoons over doughy pizza, and since there have been little on offer for vegans, I thought these days would be a thing of the past.

I heard the news that they're launching, not one, but THREE vegan pizzas to celebrate Veganuary. Aaaand, I'm back.

The first sight I saw walking into the restaurant was a scattering of tent cards, emblazoned with 'Cheat on Meat', a sight I never thought I would see in Pizza Hut at all, let alone there being three different options to choose from. It really is a wonderful time to be vegan!

So many times since being vegan have I been forced to eat whatever option was available and that the restaurant deemed ‘fine’ for vegans (regardless of the fact everyone has a different taste), and it is normally a little dull, to say the least!

Well I did get a salad, and that was just for starters. I had completely forgotten that Pizza Hut have a salad bar, it's a great way to kick off, with lots of variety, but still, we all know we were really just biding time until our carby deliciousness arrived to the table.

The Pizza

As a recovering cheese addict, I am difficult to please when it comes to vegan cheese. Most of it just isn't my thing, but on pizza, it's a different story, and I find that for some reason it is so much more enjoyable! If you’ve tried vegan cheese, and like me, have not enjoyed it, I would suggest trying it on a pizza, melted properly and, preferably in a proper pizza oven.

I decided to order one each of the 'Vegan Jack 'n' Ch**se' and the 'Vegan Margarita'. I am going to tell you right now, I was NOT disappointed and think there is an excellent effort on Pizza Hut's part.

The Vegan Jack 'n' Ch**se'

The jackfruit pizza was delicious! Just enough BBQ sauce which worked really well with the jackfruit meat and the sweetcorn. I ordered it on the 'All American Thin' base which I think was a good choice.

There are a lot of toppings on the pizza so the thicker bases may have prevented me from being able to finish the pizza.

Pizza Hut have clearly thought this pizza out well, as the taste, texture and combination of ingredients was really very good.

I dined with non-vegans who all enjoyed the it, one of which was actually shocked at how much he enjoyed it and said he would order it again! A win for the Jack ‘n’ Ch**se!

The Vegan Margarita

Wow...this pizza is phenomenal. The Voilife Cheese was perfectly melted and delicious with the pizza sauce. As I had been enjoying the Jack 'n' Cheese so much, I didn't leave a great deal of room left and had to ask for the leftovers to go, because there was NO way I as about to waste such delicious food!

This time I chose the 'Deep Pan' base which was perfect and doughy with a nice crust around the edge. It was heavenly, and the only criticism is that I will now have a dilemma in terms of which pizza I will choose on my next visit (clearly both!).

Another delicious vegan option!

I am still yet to try the third vegan pizza and will be returning for more as soon as I can to sample it too!

If you're interested in trying them for yourself, Pizza Hut are offering a whopping 41% off during the month of January.* Be quick and try these delicious new pizzas while the offer is still running! Click here to get your voucher!

*Valid Mon to Thurs (all day) and Sun (post 5pm) - 6th Jan 2019 to 24th Jan 2019.

I hope you enjoyed my review and I would love to find out if you’ve tried this new addition and what you thought about it yourself! Head over to Instagram and let me know!

Instagram: @life_my_ms_lewis

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