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Christmas 2017 - The Big Vegan Takeover!

Well, well, well Christmas 2017 is here already and I feel prompted to ask all of those who've stuck with vegan life post-Veganuary one question; did you expect so many vegan products would be available this festive season?

I for one am shocked (in a good way) that, for the first time in history, the cruelty-free community get to join in all of the Christmas traditions too.

Many of my fellow herbivore pals are sharing their festive finds that the major UK supermarkets and departments stores are offering. And if you're new to the vegan lifestyle, there are plenty of turkey alternatives to keep our feathered friends romping where they belong this Christmas time - with their own family!

Following on from the sheer joy I have felt at seeing this huge improvement on the retailer's shelves, I have decided to share my Top 10 Vegan Christmas 2017 Products

1 - The Hotel Chocolat Luxury Christmas Range

Hotel Chocolate are well known in the UK for creating sumptuous, quality chocolate made with from fine ingredients sourced globally. This year, they premier their vegan range offering more than just a token vegan chocolate bar. They don't do anything by halves.

2 - Sainsbury's Vegan - Friendly Marshmallows & Whipped Cream

Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream anyone? I love nothing more on a chilly eve than a mug of hot chic and a cookie. A great companion I am currently enjoying this delicious raw chocolate powder from Raiz The Bar:

Simply mix with almond milk and a little coconut sugar to taste, top with the marshmallows and whipped cream and BOOM, IT'S CHRIIIISSSTMMAAAAAS!

3 - Aldi Organic Prosecco

Now, we've done non-alcoholic beverages, he's a prosecco that's great for vegans and, as it's organic, your hangover won't be (as) bad either...excuses...excuses

4 - Asda Vegan-Friendly Christmas Pudding

It's not Christmas without the pudding, even if you do have to eat it several hours after Christmas lunch on the couch in your jammies due to over-stuffing yourself! Asda's own is pretty decent, especially when smothered in the delightfulness known as VEGAN CUSTARD!!

5 - Alpro - Dairy Free Custard

This is available in lots of leading supermarkets, it's really although soy isn't for everyone, it's a great start to the Christmas dairy-free alternatives

6 - Debenhams - Jealous Jelly Sweets

Debenhams recently sent me a package of these sweeties to try. I highly recommend them for a nice little stocking filler, or something to nibble on during gift wrapping! They're a vegan take on two utter classics from an English gal's youth. A fizzy delight and a tropical treat, 4 boxes all encases in yet another box for £8 a pop, really bloody good.

7 - The Goodness Project - Bailey's Almonde

Bailey's was always a big hit around the festive period. Now that they have graced us with the almond milk alternative, I am already dreaming about the Christmas cocktails I will be serving at my Christmas party.

8 - Tescos - 3D Gingerbread Star

Gingerbread is all well and good, but is it 3D? I am VERY excited that this star has been born into our vegan world.

9 - Fry's - Vegan Sausage Rolls

Imagine a party with no sausage rolls? Me neither! Well you don't have to be without this year, if cooking your own is not on your agenda this year, Fry's have your back. Pop these in the oven and let's see how long it takes the carnivores to realise they're not eating meat...if at all...just make sure nobody keels over at the sheer lack of protein ;)

10 - Booja Booja = Fine de Champagne Truffles

Who cares about chocolate at Christmas....wait...a...damn...second! EVERYONE cares about chocolate at Christmas. Booja Booja have the BEST vegan chocolate on the market in my opinion and now, they've put champagne in them. OK, pass my stretchy pants...click the image to find out more!

BONUS BALL 11 - Asda - Vegan Mince Pies

A sudden realisation is hitting the nation (I'm a poet and I never knew it), that vegan-friendly pastry tastes, you guessed it, the same as regular pastry. Asda, the beauties have been the first of all UK supermarkets to get over the 'vegan-friendly is tasteless' opinion to make their regular mince-pies completely vegan, and guess what? CHRISTMAS WASN'T CANCELLED. This concludes my round-up of Chrimbo-classics-gone-vegan, but I bet I've missed out a banger. Comment below if you know a great product that isn't on my list.

Please comment below, like and share. Anyone looking to get a shout out on Instagram? Find me here: @life_by_ms_lewis - I love sharing your posts!

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