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Flavour of the Month - January 2018

Every month, I choose my top pick of the offerings from pop up's, cafes, bars and restaurants offering good quality vegan options on their regular menu. The only rules are that they have to offer the option full time as part of their menu and it must be inventive!

So far, we've seen the likes of HiLo London who offer Hotpots, soups + salads: Tasty, nutritious + affordable lunch pots for hard working people and very reasonable at £5. We also welcomed Pride Kitchen in Neal's Yard for giving salads the importance they deserve, as a complete and delicious course.

This month, I am including a restaurant that I, in all honesty, never imagined would offer a vegan option at all, let alone more than one! Not only was this assumption incorrect, but it was also totally unfair. Their vegan options didn't feel like an afterthought, you could clearly see that just as much effort and energy had been invested in them as their non-vegan alternatives.

This month, I am proud to announce House Restaurant as this January's 'Flavour of the Month'

During my visit I ate their Mushroom Ravioli which had possibly the most delicious sauce, chunky, substantial mushrooms and beautifully tender pasta filled with cashew cheese:

It is such a great time to be vegan, when finally it is possible to step into a restaurant and be offered a range of delectable dining options without the need to call in advance to warn them of your visit in advance...lest we forget the horrendous incident at a certain Italian restaurant which was discussed in my previous blog post...

It's all about balance I guess, and while veganism for many chef's and restaurant staff is still considered alien, to many, it's now part of their menu curation, and still offered the same level of passion as any other dish at their establishment.

A sample of their menu, I believe there are other options available on a set vegan menu, please ask on arrival:

I would like to extend a huge 'thank you' to the folk's at Home who clearly care a great deal about their customer's with this tasty offering on their balanced, inclusive menu.

THANK YOU! And congratulations on joining my pick of the bunch, keep up the amazing work and let's hope others will be inspired to follow suit. If you would like to sample this delightful dish or another from their vegan range you can find them here;

Visit again soon to find out more about my recommended food spots throughout the year. You can search for a tasty food place nearby using your postcode on my Food Finder Map here

If you are a food establishment, please contact me to find out more about your options here

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