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8 Plates Supperclub: A Seasonal Summer Feast with a Touch of Spice!

Now that summer is here, I find myself on the lookout for seasonal dishes that include the best ingredients the sunny season has to offer.

Discovering that 8 Plates Supperclub had launched a summer menu, and could veganize the ordinary vegetarian menu was exactly how I wanted to get the best season of the year off to a great start.

Roshi Shah is clearly incredibly passionate about handcrafted plates of good food. She selects her ingredients based on whatever is currently in season fuses fresh fruits and vegetables together, resulting in exciting and beautiful plates that would not go amiss (and possibly shouldn't) in some of the better restaurants I've eaten in.

Prepare to experience something I have yet to share from any other supper club I have attended. I hope that the vegan foodies reading this blog are tantalised to delve a little deeper, believe me, it's worth it.


Everything in life should start with welcome cocktails, this one was a delicate but fragrant rhubarb mix, which Roshni crafted to match the courses on the menu. It was a delicious start to the evening. Yes, I ate the strawberry after I finished the cocktail.

(Check out the cute little pineapple salt and pepper mills, they're soo Life by Ms. Lewis...WANT!)


Spiced Carrot Puree, Roast Baby Carrots with fennel & coriander seed, pickled rhubarb & fennel. Armchur Cracker & Vegan Feta

I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me to taste vegan feta that has been handmade and is sitting alongside these delightful crackers. But there is so much more to tell you including; there was PICKLED RHUBARB, and it was one of the most delicious things I've eaten, and Roshni is a genius.


Asparagus with Rocket, Pickled Radish & Goat’s Curd. Black Garlic & Sesame Dressing, Smashed Sumac Jersey Royals, crispy onions

Roshni, girl, if you're reading this (and she promised she would), I have something VERY important to tell you...thank you for bringing the Oatly creme fraiche into my life, I am eternally grateful. The combination of salty, spiced new potatoes, perfectly fluffy in the middle, mixed with creamy textures, crispy onions and fresh greens, was the perfect way to follow the rich flavours of the pickled rhubarb from the previous plate, I could eat this every day!


Purple Sweet Potato, Onion, Kesar Mango, Orange Crispy Broccoli & Miso Tahini, Orange Dressing

This was the dish of the night for me.

Not only was the mango and orange incredibly fresh and ripe, but the flavour combination on the plate worked so well together that I almost gave myself indigestion because I could not, and would not slow down while I ate it. Good golly, this was outstanding!

None of the flavours overpowered the dish, which I have to say I was totally surprised by, given how many were listed on the menu, but the girl did it again.


Chickpea Kuku Sabzi with Wild Garlic & Red Pepper Sauce, Charred Spring Onions, Preserved Lemon, Wild Garlic Oil.

I tried two things for the first time at the supper club (other than the fabulous pickled rhubarb); Kuku Sabzi and preserved lemon; both a traditional Iranian delicacy and excellent when paired up together.

Kuku Sabzi is traditionally made with egg, but Roshni used chickpea flour to create a springy/spongy texture. It was somewhere between an omelette and a savoury torte with a herby, nutty flavour. The sharpness of the lemon complimented it so well, and the Iranian/Canadian guest sat opposite to me was yumming and ahhing the entire way through the course. Not a crumb was left by any of us, and believe me when I tell you, we were STUFFED at this point of the evening...and then the dessert came...


Textures of Rhubarb & Strawberry, Vegan White Chocolate Mahlab Mousse, Basil Gel & Pistachio Crumb

If you know me well, then you will be aware that I very rarely order a dessert, and If I do, I stop half way through because I am just not a sweet tooth.

I just couldn't leave the strawberries, they were incredible and the basil gave the plate a lovely savoury flavour that made me just want to keep going, and before I knew it, I had finished the lot. A first for me for a long time!

Thank you Roshni and the team at 8 Plates Supperclub for the most delightful, delectable and down right delicious evening!

Roshni is an incredible inspiration and we share a passion for excellent food using the finest possible ingredients, and on meeting her we discovered that we are also interested in charitable work. Roshni volunteers at the Food Cycle charity visit my 'Empower Peace' page to find out what this incredible charity is all about and follow the link to get involved!

If you're looking for a cosy dinner spot away from busy restaurants and bustling tables, the next 8 Plates Supperclub will take place on 29th & 30th June, follow the link below to book your date.

You can follow 8 Plates Supperclub via the channels below:

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