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My Top 10 Vegan Sandwich Filling Ideas

Sandwiches are one of the most popular posts on my Instagram profile. 'Do you have any vegan sandwich filler ideas?' is also one of the common requests I receive in my inbox too.

I've curated some of the best I have made or eaten to inspire all of your sandwich filling needs for lunchtime or any time.

1 - Vegan Bahn Mi - Boki London

I recently visited Boki in Covent Garden, London. I actually went there especially to try out this sandwich after spotting it on the lunch menu. It was amazing! Vegan bun, pickled veggies, smoked tofu, and caremalised peanuts. I totally recommend a visit to this friendly central bar. As vegan sandwiches go, this is pretty gorgeous.

The cocktails are apparently very good too...#justsayin

2 - Homemade - Beetroot Wrap with Roast Sweet Potatoes, Gucamole & Falafel

Packed to the brim to stop you from eating for the rest of the week - joke. It will keep you full for the rest of the afternoon though. Perfect to fuel a work out, or detox from a calorific weekend! I've added in kale, shredded carrot and raw shredded beetroot for some crunch.

Those roast sweet potatoes are just perfect in this, and make sure you warm up your falafel if you're using shop bought stuff.

3 - Mooshies Burgers, Brick Lane, London - Fillet Om Phish Burger

If you're in the market for a good burger, I cannot recommend this place more highly. Mooshies offered me my first taste of pulled jackfruit buns back in 2016 and I returned again for this absolute delight - the 'Fillet Om Phish' burger. A breaded fillet of aubergine with vegan tartare sauce, vegan cheese and salad - YUM!

It would be a bargain at twice the price in my opinion. Sandwich/Burger heaven factor 59,000. If you want to try something similar, check out my recipe for breaded aubergine here

4 - The Real Greek - Jackfruit Gyros

Spicy pulled jackfruit with a creamy vegan garlic sauce, red onions, salad wrapped up in a flatbread and grilled. You could recreate this at home or head to The Real Greek or order one via Deliveroo (selected areas).

The Real Greek! now have over 30 items to choose from and each one of them is packed with flavour. Check out my full review of the new menu here!

The Jackfruit Gyros is currently on special offer for £8 with a side dish, so it's the perfect time to give it a try!

5 - Homemade - Onion Bhaji & Salad Sub

Sometimes you want to cook up a storm and rustle up a slow cooked wonder with sides of all varieties...other times, you just want to bung something between two slices of bread and wedge it into your mouth...enter my onion bhaji & salad sub. So simple but so cheap and quick to make.

I topped it with ketchup and vegan mayo, but mango chutney and coconut yoghurt works great too!

6 - Homemade - Jack Daniel's BBQ Seitan with Crusty Rolls

This is a real crowd pleaser for a simple lunch or vegan BBQ. You can make up the seitan in large portions and fill up mini buns as canapés or larger baguettes too if you're just making it for lunch.

The recipe for both the sandwiches and the cajun onion rings can be found on my recipe blog here.

7 - Cha Chaan Teng London - Sweet Potato Rosti Bao Bun

I stumbled upon Cha Chaan Teng by chance while searching for something new to try in Holborn. At first it looked like a takeaway place but when I ventured inside, I was blow away by the place - so cool. Definitely a place to go for a date/work sociables or just a night out with friends over great music, vibes, cocktails and food.

This bao bun was delicious - definitely a must try. It's filled with Aubergine salsa, sesame beetroot pickle and a crunchy potato rosti. So delicious

There is also a bao pancake which is also delicious. Please visit this place if you're in Holborn.

8 - Homemade - Sage Crusted Tofu with all the Trimmings

This is basically a Christmas-inspired sandwich I created as an alternative to the classic turkey 'left-overs' sandwich. The redcurrant jelly is so good with the crusted tofu and minted hummous.

It's great for those days where you're keeping track of calories but want something indulgent. I often make this for parties during the festive season, but they're really great any time. Find out how to make this on my recipe blog

9 - Homemade - BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Buns

I couldn't write a sandwich blog without including one of my most popular recipes. This one is popular with everyone and never fails to impress those who haven't yet tried jackfruit savoury.

If you want to re-create this at home, click here for the recipe.

10 - Homemade - Beetroot Burger Sandwich with Tangy Pea Puree

For this sandwich, you can pretty much load it up with anything you have in the fridge or larder. I used a Tesco's vegan beetroot burger with cucumber, lettuce, raw yello pepper and a homemade tangy pea sauce made by blending dried mint, tahini, peti-pois, vegan mayo and rock salt:

Don't worry if you don't have a blender or chopper, this can also be made by roughly mashing the ingredients together with a fork but will be a little chunkier but still perfect!

I hope you enjoyed the list, do you have any of your own favourites? Comment below and share the love!

I can't wait to try more sandwiches on my travels and to share these along with my own creations with you soon.

Keep in the loop with my foodie adventures on my social media: Instagram

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