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Top 5 Vegan Food Spots in Tel Aviv!

Today I woke up in my own bed after a very good rest following an exhausting but utterly fantastic experience in Israel. We were lucky to visit some of the most historic sites on the planet and experience much of what the country has to offer!

Tel Aviv has a bustling social seen, eating, drinking and talking late into the evening is an integral part of Israeli life, wherever you visit. The local people are friendly and many of them are open to talking about the issues there, but do not make this assumption with everyone you meet.

We arrived into Tel Aviv in the afternoon, the security measures and baggage collection took a long time, we were lucky to have taken an early flight so we could arrive in Tel Aviv with time to unpack, settle in and find some food!

Read on to find out more about my top stops for tasty vegan eats in Tel Aviv!

1 - 110 Burger - Ditzengoff Street

110 Burger was a complete surprise as it was the first food place I saw and my eyes seemed to instantly spot the vegan burger like some kind of vegan radar...vegdar?

I have to say, it was delicious and even my meat eating husband was surprised by how good it was and even preferred it to his chicken burger. So delicious - as were the fries!

I must share a word of caution though, they may ask if you want to add cheese, but this is regular cheese, not vegan so remember to double check what they mean.

2 - La Mer - Tel Aviv Beach

The perfect spot on the beach, we relaxed from late afternoon under the beach umbrellas with a delicious spread and great cocktails - the best place to be when the sun is so hot!

My friends recommended the fried cauliflower and aubergine with tahini and chickpeas. They were both absolutely delicious but so filling I had to ask for my leftovers to go...Kimmy doesn't waste food...but she may share it....

The fried cauliflower was delicious and perfectly crispy. It was so tasty and the portion was so large that I almost left no space for the aubergine.

This is defiantly a dish you can enjoy on it's own or as a smaller sharing plate.

So enjoyable!

You will eat a LOT of tahini and chickpeas, either in the form of hummus, or just as a topping for other dishes. It was the perfect pairing for this smokey, charred aubergine and delicious with crispy salad leaves. The smokey paprika just lifted the earthiness in the tahini and made it even more delicious!

This beach bar/cafe attracts crowds of all ages and the food is excellent. At night it transforms into a beautiful scene with red lanterns and the stunning Tel Aviv city scape on the horizon.

A must visit place in Tel Aviv!

3 -Anastasia

Cafe Anastasia was the first vegan only establishment in Tel Aviv and offers a range of great food options from salads to pies, smoothies and organic beers and wines

Swipe right to see the everything we ate!

I was excited when I walked by Anastasia. It was a so close to our apartment, but imagine my delight upon finding out it was actually completely vegan!

The starters were delicious! The masala dosa wasn't as close to the original South Indian dish as I know and love, but in it's own right it was a lovely dish which I would definitely recommend.

We ordered the the Farmer's Pie and a mushroom dish which was serves on top of a fava mash, both delicious but I definitely swayed towards the pie more which was a lentil pie with a hash brown topping and a cashew cream and chopped tomato garnish, totally yummy!

The dish of the day, though, had to be the raw, sugar free tiramisu. How they managed to create such a delicious, naughty tasting dessert with almost zero calories was magical!

If you are vegan in Tel Aviv, this one just has to be on your list, 10000%

4 - Falafel Shops

You're never too far away from a very good falafel place. They're dotting around all over the city. This one is close to Ditzengoff Street. You pay around £4 for a large pitta stuffed with hummus, salad, falafel, pickles and tahini sauce and they even add a sort of spring roll filled with spiced potato. It's amazing, cheap and so fresh!

The pitta bread is so much nicer that the stuff we eat in the UK. It's more doughy and springy. The falafel is moist and not dry in the slightest, wherever you buy it from, as it is freshly cooked moments before.

if you spot a falafel place, give it a go!

5 - Dr. Shakshuka - Jaffa

This place is pretty well known and loved and we had to give this classic feast a try! You can't come to Israel and not try one of these. We ordered the 'Business Lunch', but I am not sure how any business at all would be done if I ate that in my working day, hence the half eaten plates and the look of exhaustion on my husband's face!

MAMMOTH is the word I would use.

From top left: smokey aubergines, roast tomato and chill with tahini and cabbage, hummus and chickpeas, vegan shakshuka, vegetable soup and the whole gang together.

You receive a pitcher of homemade lemonade, bread and cous cous for £40. You will not finish this meal in one go...ask for your leftovers!

Goodbye Tel Aviv!

So there we have it! I could have shared more on this food journey, I have genuinely picked out the highlights! Israel caters very well for vegans and many of the places you will visit have a vegan option, and in Tel Aviv there are many full vegan menus available.

Have you visited Tel Aviv? I would love to hear about your experience!

For more travel, lifestyle and recipe ideas, find me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or sign up to my updates at the top of the site menu!


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