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Top 5 Tips for Travelling Vegans!

Don't you just love the lead up to a holiday? Deciding what to see and do while you discover new places, being submerged in new cultures and landscapes and learning more about your own culture while you do it.

If I travel and eat well for the rest of my days, I will be a very happy, very open minded and more

than likely a very rotund old lady...I mean, the latter wouldn't really be much of a surprise.

Travelling can be tricky for vegans, depending on how off the beaten track you're heading, it can be daunting to know how to prepare for your adventure without passing out from having zero food options or feeing the fear of eating animal products you didn't realise would be in your mea.

Panic over, I have done a bit of trekking, sure I'm no Michael Palin, but I've learned a few things during my vegan years. Can Palin tell you what do do in a dessert when the only seemingly vegan option is a swig of water and a bit of cactus, no he can not. (Sadly, neither can I).

Here are my top 5 tips for travelling as a vegan!


Thanks to the wonderful world of social media, it is possible to connect to vegans across the globe via various channels and social/community groups. Facebook has a plethora of vegan support groups with members from all over the world. A good pre-travel preparation would be to ask if there are any locals for the places you plan to travel. Being vegan themselves, they will understand your needs and be in prime position to send inside knowledge of the best places to eat and local dishes which are vegan-friendly or easy to hack.


Although it's a scary though to learn a new language, but a few basics could be vital when ordering or understanding menu items. Utilise the internet, it is your best friend. Sites such as 'Talk in French' have great resources such as the below post on their website offering a list of the most essential vocabulary for your trip - There are many other great resources online, apps you can download and of course, there is the trusty old phrase book or dictionary if you are planning to go off grid entirely!


If you have booked accommodation, excursions and flights already, remember to inform them of your requirements in advance. You may end up with a pretty drab side salad if you leave it until the last minute. Heck, it can still happen even if you do inform people, but you're certainly going to minimise the chances.


Blogs are great (I know, I'm biased). Us bloggers spend time curating and researching the most 'need-to-now' information to share in posts. I read blogs often for many reasons as they're a great resource for researching topics quickly and finding the best information I can on a subject from someone who has first hand experience. When I recently travelled to Egypt, I learned a lot about local customs from travel blogs to make sure I dress appropriately. There a many vegan travel blogs available too which are great for hint, tips and even give great inspiration on where to visit, if you are still deciding.

5 - GO PRO

It's almost a guarantee that hotel companies are not going to provide vegan/cruelty-free products. Pack your own. At least you can be sure that you're not harming animals and are continuing to support the companies who have gone the extra mile to look out for our furry friends.


If you're looking for a helping hand to keep yourself on track while away, I cannot recommend this book more! Click below to get your copy:


Going away is a time to enjoy yourself. If there are days when you have no choice than to eat fries because that's all the restaurant have to eat, then eat the fries. Time away should be enjoyed, so don't get to hung up!

Have a great holiday and to all the vegans staying strong while surrounded by meat eaters who just can't resist a joke at your expense KUDOS!

Peace out! Remember to like, share and comment...or come and find me on my social channels:


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